Our Climate, Culture, and Social-Emotional Support services include aspects of social-emotional learning competencies, school climate, and culture (PBIS, Leader in Me, Lifelong Guidelines). This department also works in restorative practices and discipline data alongside Special Education, Standard English Learners, Psychologists, Social Workers, and SEL Coaching. We're constantly seeking better ways to improve culturally and linguistically responsive instructional strategies.

Special Education Services

The philosophy of Wayne-Westland Community Schools Special Education Services is to provide each person with an exceptional and individualized educational program that is designed to meet the student’s unique needs as a learner in accordance with Individuals with Disabilities Act, Section 504, and the Americans with Disabilities Act. Each student is entitled to opportunities in an exemplary educational experience in the least restrictive environment. By working as a community of learners, our goal is to enable each student to fully reach his or her own potential and become a valuable member of society.

All school buildings have special education teacher consultant services in regular education. Available in the district are basic classrooms for eligible students and include center program classrooms for students with orthopedic disabilities (POHI), profoundly multiple disabilities (SXI), dual diagnosed (DD), or severe cognitive disabilities (SCI). Center program classrooms for students with severe disabilities are available on a regional basis.

Andrae Townsel

Andrae Townsel, Ed.D
Assistant Superintendent of Climate, Culture & Social Emotional Learning
Susan Rawson
Administrative Assistant to Andrae Townsel
Jacqueline Wyrybkowski
Secretary to Jenna Mullins
Victoria Akinboboye
Interim Director of Student Services
Sandra Sands
Secretary to Dyanne Hildebrandt
Khawla Taamneh
Secretary to Executive Director of Climate, Culture & Social Emotional Learning
Mark Miller
Director of Student/Legal Affairs
Stanley Szczotka
Lead Social Emotional Support Specialist
Lori Brosnan
Secretary to Special Education Director