Special Education Graduation

On Tuesday, June 13th Roosevelt-McGrath Elementary celebrated the graduation of 17 students from 5 different programs at the McGrath Special Education Center!

Teachers, families, and friends came together to honor each student’s progress and accomplishments. Thanks to donations from the Wayne-Westland community, each student was able to receive their diploma dressed in a cap and gown.

Following the diploma ceremony, honored guest Sarah Polk gave a commencement speech. Sarah Polk is a former Roosevelt-McGrath student and graduate of Plymouth-Canton Community Schools. Sarah went on to graduate from Schoolcraft Community College and works as a disability coordinator for Community Living Services. Sarah, who has cerebral palsy, gave her speech using a Tobii, an augmented assistive communication device that uses eye gaze tracking and text-to-speech technology. Her words received a standing ovation from many in the crowd.

Sarah’s message to assume ability for all students inspired the crowd and captured the spirit of the students graduating from McGrath. Congratulations, McGrath graduates!