E-blasts from the Principal

Week of February 12th & 19th, 2018

Important Upcoming Dates

Feb. 19-23 - All-District buildings will be closed for Mid-Winter Break.

March 23 - End of the 3rrd marking period. Please be monitoring student grades by using Parent Connect. If you don’t have Parent Connect, please come to the main office with your driver’s license, and a username and password will be given to you.

Scheduling for 18-19

Almost all of our students have made requests for courses for the 18-19 school year. Using Student Connect, your student can show you the courses they have requested for the 18-19 school year. When a student logs into Student Connect, they will see next year’s information. The courses requested for next year (18-19) are the only item that can be viewed in the 18-19 track.


With the recent tragic events, I wanted to let you know that we take student safety seriously. If you attended New Student Orientation, you have heard me say that we strive for safety, learning, and fun. These three things are in order of importance. Over my fourteen years at Wayne Memorial, we have continued to make adjustments to increase the safety of our students. We appreciate the support from our local police department and regularly communicate with them about challenges and concerns.

PDF DocumentTalking to Children About the Shooting

Safety in schools is a community effort, and I ask parents for support. Please continue to contact Wayne Memorial when something concerns you. Please continue to monitor your child’s social media activities. Please continue to support school rules and policies, as many of the rules are in place to help maintain a safe school. I also want to encourage parents to talk to your student about the recent events. I have attached a resource that will provide you some guidance in having this conversation.

On March 7th, we will be practicing a lockdown drill. This lockdown drill has been planned since the summertime. I wanted to communicate this with parents so you would know that this is not a response to anything, but rather our continued efforts to be proactive.

Senior Letter

I have attached the senior letter to this email. This letter is for seniors, but I ask that all parents review this letter. Senior year has several big events. Much of the information is very similar from year to year, and the letter will be helpful for all parents to get an understanding of senior year.

PDF Document2018 senior Letter

Week of January 29, 2018

January Scheduling for 2018-19

Students will begin making course requests for the 18-19 school year.  We will work hard to build a schedule that honors as many requests as possible.  The following information is being shared to highlight when students will be given information and meeting with their counselor.  Please work with your student to pick classes that meet your student's needs.  

Between January 29th and February 2nd

Students will view a scheduling video in their English classes.  Students will also have access to the course request sheet (document that parents sign and students turn-in to request courses) and the course description guide.  The scheduling video is on www.zebracounseling.net and is titled "Current 9th-11th Grade Scheduling Video."  The Course Description Guide has more information about classes offered at Wayne Memorial.  It is located on the Wayne Memorial "Student Resources" page.  It can also be viewed by checking out our 2018-19 course description guide.

Please review this video with your student and help them complete the course request sheet.  

Between February 5th and 15th

Counselors will meet with each student for a one-on-one meeting to review the course request sheet.   Most students will come down during a Math class.  Students that don't have Math at WMHS will be called down at a different time during this window.  

If you or your student are considering Advanced Placement (AP) classes, we encourage you and your student to attend AP night on Thursday, January 25th at 6 pm.  

Week of January 9, 2018

Welcome back, families!

Leadership Opportunity

Information about a local program that provides students with a great opportunity.

End of Semester

The first semester is wrapping up next week.  Please remind your student to turn in all course books to their teachers.  Teachers will be informing students when they will be collecting these items.  We will have final exams on January 18th, 19th, and 20th.  Each of those days is a half day with students being dismissed at 10:20 am.  Students will receive their new schedule for the 2nd semester on January 23rd.  Students will report to their first semester 1st-hour class for their new schedule.


There will be no classes held on January 16th in observance of MLK day.   

February 10th Dance

On February 10th, there will be a school dance following the basketball games (approximately 9 pm).  The dance will be free to any student that has not been suspended during the third marking period (November 28th to January 23rd).  This dance will be only for WMHS students (no guest passes).  Casual clothing is appropriate and the dress code will be enforced.  The dance will end at 10:45 pm.  If you are interested in being a chaperone, please email Mr. Weber at weberk@wwcsd.net.  

Week of December 4th, 2017

Video Announcements

Here is the link to the video announcement this week.


Newsletter from College Adviser

Here is a newsletter from our College Adviser. https://docs.google.com/document/d/11r9W7MevtoftvpR6QUmvYifU97l83k0q3Y0JbM1F3xU/edit?usp=sharing

Rotary Interact Club- Hat Drive

The Interact club is sponsoring a ‘Hats for Homeless Drive” from 11/27 to 12/8.  Please bring in new gloves, hats, scarves, mittens, socks, blankets, etc to your 2nd hour.  The top three 2nd hrs will win breakfast prizes ranging from full breakfast to doughnuts.  The items collected will be given to Plymouth United Way who will then donate the items to St. Mary's Outreach Center.

Please contact Sue Webb (734) 788-9362 (call or text) with any questions.


This is a reminder that breakfast at Wayne Memorial High School is free to all students. Breakfast is served from 6:45 am until 7:05 am.

Week of November 6th, 2017

Video Announcements

Here is the link to the video announcements for the week.


Sign up for Parent/Teacher Conferences

You can show up for drop-in Parent/Teacher Conferences or you can schedule your appointments using the link below.


Key Calendar Reminders

  • Nov. 7th- No School
  • Nov. 8th – Graduation Order Drop-off during all lunches
  • Nov. 9th- Graduation Order Drop-off during all lunches
  • Nov. 15th- Parent/Teacher Conference; 5pm-7pm
  • Nov. 16th- Parent/Teacher Conference; 2:30-5:30pm
  • Nov. 22nd- ½ Day of School
  • Dec. 1st- Senior Photos due for yearbook- for more information check out the Yearbook Website


Week of October 30th, 2017

Important Calendar Reminder

This is a reminder that students do NOT have school on November 7th. Also, students have a ½ day on November 22nd. Students will be dismissed on November 22nd at 10:18 am.

End of Marking Period

The 1st Quarter of the school year ends this week. Students will be given report cards on November 13th.

Senior Cap and Gown Orders

Seniors have received the order packets for their cap and gowns. The orders will be turned into Herff Jones. Herff Jones will be at Wayne Memorial during all lunches on November 8th and 9th. Herff Jones will also be outside the front office on November 9th from 5pm-7pm to meet with parents. Placing your order now is the least expensive way to order, as the orders are put in as a group order. You may also call Herff Jones at 734-725-5743.


On November 3rd, seniors will have the opportunity to complete the FASFA with assistance from staff. Staff will also be available to assist families in completing the parent portion of the FASFA on November 9th at 6 pm. This is the same night as the Herff Jones parent order night. Parents can attend both events on the same night. The FASFA is free and should be completed by all seniors.


Please make sure students have dressed appropriately for school. Masks, face paint, hats, and costumes are prohibited. Thank you for your support and assistance.

Wayne-Westland Community Schools needs your help.

We need your participation in a process that will allow students, staff, parents, and community members to provide perspectives on how we will invest in our facilities in the years ahead. This process will include face-to-face meetings and an opportunity to participate in an online format.

Please join us at one of the community meetings:

November 14, 2017
5:15 p.m. or 7:00 p.m. 
Dyer Senior Adult Center, 36745 Marquette, Westland

November 16, 2017
6:00 p.m.
Dyer Senior Adult Center, 36745 Marquette, Westland

Or share your input by completing the survey on our website https://www.wwcsd.net/

If you have any questions about the Choicework process, please contact Jim Larson-Shidler at 734-419-2042 or Larson-shidlerJ@wwcsd.net.

Parent/Teacher Conferences

Parent/Teacher Conferences are coming up. The link to schedule your meeting times goes live on November 1st. http://www.wwcsd.net/schools/high-schools/wayne-memorial-high-school/parent-information/

This link contains the link to sign-up. Parent/Teacher Conferences are from 5-8pm on November 15th and 2:30-5: 30 pm on November 16th.

Week of October 10, 2017

Weekly Announcements

Here are the video announcements for the week.  https://youtu.be/ss5dY1c28rI

Parent/Teacher Conferences

Parent/Teacher Conferences are November 15th and 16th.  On November 15th, conferences begin at 5 pm and end at 8 pm.  On November 16th, conferences begin at 2:30 pm and end at 5:30 pm.   Parents will be able to schedule meeting times with teachers using the attached link to PTC Fast.  The link will go live on November 1st.  You will not be able to make an appointment until November 1st.   At parent/teacher conferences, teachers will meet with parents that have an appointment first.  Teachers that don’t have an appointment will meet with any parent “walk-ins” during the open time. 

https://www.ptcfast.com/schools/Wayne_Memorial_High_School (link becomes active November 1st)

Picture Re-takes

Picture Re-takes are on October 30th.  Students getting re-takes must bring their picture packet with them.  Students will be released by the PA throughout the day on October 30th.  Attached to this email is an order form. 

Khan Academy and SAT

Students and families have never had more opportunity to access personalized learning and test prep.  The College Board, the company that makes SAT, and Khan Academy have a partnership.  Every student can access Khan Academy and get personalized learning support for the SAT.  Directions to do this are included.   A recent study indicated that students that spend 20 hours or more using Khan Academy showed a 115-point increase from the PSAT 10 to the SAT.  Students that spent less than 8 hours on Khan Academy showed only a 60-point increase.  This is a great tool and it is 100% free. 


PDF DocumentLifetouch Picture Retake flyer
PDF DocumentLinking with official SAT Practice

Week of October 2, 2017

Video Announcements

Here is the link to this week’s video announcement. https://youtu.be/V2FNFoke8qM

Newsletter from our College Adviser

Here is a link to information from our college adviser. https://docs.google.com/document/d/11XrAFyk5lYb_tGVCbAzPT17XIRQG506yd5s-2El9o94/edit?usp=sharing

Week of September 27, 2017

In attendance: Karen Rupert, Darleen Boland, Wendy Braswell, Melanie Smith, Kim McDonaldson, Laura Williams, Beth Gendron, Teresa Hernandez, Kevin Weber, and Sue Webb

  • Homecoming ticket sales have started.
  • Spooktacular will be held on Friday, October 27, 2017.
  • Calendar change for seniors – April 12th for testing.  We will have the seniors only come to school in the afternoon.  We will have decision day and the panoramic photo during that time.
  • Help is needed for Homecoming Parade to drive golf carts back to the holding area from 6:15 pm – 7:00 pm on 9/22/2017.
  • Help is needed to chaperone Homecoming Dance on Saturday, 9/23/17 from 6:30 – 10 pm.
  • Help is needed at Spooktacular Community Event (10/27/17) from 5:30 – 7:00 pm
  • Help is needed at parent-teacher conferences on 11/15/17 from 5:00 – 8:00 pm and on 11/16/17 from 2:30 – 5:30 pm.
  • The calendar that is on the website can be linked to your phone.  WMHS calendar is up – to – date.
  • Beth will transfer 2017 / 2018 scholarship money ($1000) so that it is in the account for when it is needed.
  • Discussion about officer duties.  Bylaw amendment discussion and vote took place.
  • Bylaws are amended as follows: For the school year 2017 – 2018: Z-PAC will have 2 co-chairs, neither will be able to vote; Sue Webb will act as secretary and Beth Gendron will act as treasurer.
  •  Next meeting is Oct. 2, 2017, at 5:45 pm in the library.

Week of September 15th, 2017

College Fair

On October 10th, there will be an Infinite Scholarship Fair at Canton High School. This event is open from 4 pm to 8 pm.  The event is FREE.  Students and families need to register via the Infinite Scholars website.  A flyer with basic information is attached.  Between 50 and 100 colleges will be in attendance.  See the flyer and website for more details.  http://www.infinitescholar.org/

Senior Night

Attention Seniors: The counseling department and Upward Bound are co-hosting an event to make sure students and parents are well-informed about what comes next for seniors.  On Tuesday, September 26 at 6:00 pm in the Media Center, we will be offering general information about a senior year as well as sessions on the match and fit, a parent’s guide to the college application process, an alumni panel, dispelling myths, and scholarships & funding.  Parent and students are encouraged to join us so we can help make your senior year an informed one.

College Advisor

WMHS has a dedicated College Advisor.  Please see the attached letter from Melissa Monier.  A link to the letter is also included for your convenience.  https://docs.google.com/document/d/1brFvIzcxLnI_6CNs7UMSc-ITzb4mIL5R_fZ_-0pLzcU/edit?usp=sharing

Picture Day- Retakes!

Picture Day is now complete.  Students will be sent home with pictures as soon as pictures arrive.  Pictures can still be ordered by going to the Lifetouch website.  A link for this is on the Wayne Memorial Homepage.   Picture retakes will be on October 30th.  Attached is a flyer regarding retakes. 

Digital Calendar

Wayne Memorial’s website now includes a calendar.  The calendar can be downloaded to most digital calendars.  Directions are on the website.  For your convenience, the directions and link are included in this email.  http://www.wwcsd.net/Core/FoxbrightCalendars/Feed/1023  Please note you must copy and paste this link into your calendar.  See the directions below. 

Homecoming Dance

The Homecoming Dance is a week away.  Please review the rules regarding the Homecoming Dance.  I have included a link to the student planner/handbook.  Homecoming information is on page 14.  http://www.wwcsd.net/downloads/wayne_memorial_hs/wayne_memorial_planner_-_2017-2018_website_layout.pdf


Week of September 7th, 2017

Picture Day

September 13th and 14th are picture days at WMHS. All students will participate. This picture will be in the yearbook and be on their ID’s.

Q: How do I order school pictures?
A: Students have been given order form packets. If you did not get an order (or lost it), you can go to the Lifetouch website and order. The information to do this is attached to this email. You can also order the yearbook from this website. This information is also on the Wayne Memorial Homepage.

Q: How do I know if my student is supposed to go on the 13th or the 14th?
A: If your student has the following math teacher, they go on the 13th: Mr. Freeman, Mrs. King, Mrs. Brannon, Mrs. Cain, Mr. Jones. Also if your student does not have a math class or has math at Career Tech, they will go on the 13th. If your student has the following math teacher, they go on the 14th: Mr. Ross, Mrs. Roupas, Mrs. Temple, Mrs. Smelcer, Ms. Reynolds, Mr. Raisanen, and/or Mr. Nolta.

Q: Does the school need help with picture day?
A: Yes. We need parent volunteers to help with picture day and the homecoming dance. We need help on the following days and times: September 13th, picture day, from 7am-2pm. September 14th, picture day, from 7am-2pm. September 23rd, homecoming dance from 6:30pm-10:15 pm. Please email Sue Webb at webbs@wwcsd.net if you are available to help.

Q: When will my student get their student ID?
A: Student ID’s will be printed within minutes of taking the picture. Students will leave the picture area with a student ID.

Football Game

The football game starts at 7 pm. Tickets will go on sale starting at 5:30 pm. We usually have a sell-out crowd. Accordingly, only WMHS and JGHS students can attend the game unless accompanied by an adult. Students must have their temporary ID (schedule with green sticker) to purchase a ticket and enter the game. Students will NOT be able to attend the game without a physical copy of the temporary ID.

When picking up your student from football games, parents are to use either the circle drive OR the Junior parking lot (by the soccer field). Both areas are located off Glenwood. Vehicles will not be able to enter the drive by the auditorium and football field. This drive is where spectators are walking and it is not safe to have vehicles in this area. Your support is appreciated.


Homecoming Ticket sales have started. Homecoming ticket sales end on September 18th. The Homecoming dance is on September 23rd at 7 pm.

Week of August 8, 2017

Online Registration

Please go to wwcsd.net and complete the online registration for your student, if you
have not done so already.  The username is your student's ID number.  The password
is your student's birth date written as a two digit month/two digit date/ four digit year.
 For example, July 4th of this year would be written as 07/04/2017.  Be sure to include
the backslashes (/).  This must be completed prior to your student attending school and
picking up a schedule.  Students will pick up schedules on the following date and times:

  • August 22nd from 8am-10: 45 am- Students with last name A-E
  • August 22nd from 12-2pm- Students with last name F-L
  • August 23rd from 8am-10: 45 am- Students with last name M-S
  • August 23rd from 12-2pm- Students with last name T-Z

School Pictures and Student ID's

School pictures will be organized by math classes.  A detailed schedule will be coming
along with picture day order information.  However, all pictures will be on September
13th or 14th.   Students will receive their Student ID's on their respective picture day.
 All students will be required to show student ID for all after-school events on September
15th.  Prior to September 15th, students will use a paper copy of their current schedule
as ID for sporting events.  It is very important that students do not lose their current
schedule if they plan to attend the sporting events prior to picture day.