We wanted to give our Medical Assisting students and Health Occupation students an opportunity to teach a subject that they learned this year. Teaching helps our students learn and gives them experience for when they are in industry and have to work with patient education. 

For the elementary students, we wanted to expose them to what they can learn in our programs at the WDFCTC and instill some lifelong skills for them such as the first aid stations where the lesson was how to stop a bleed and wrap to stabilize an impaled object also use of an EpiPen for an anaphylactic reaction, how to remove a bee stinger and remove tick.

Other stations were as follows: how the digestive system works, how to remove contaminated gloves, how to diaper and swaddle a baby, the aging process of the body, range of motion to prevent contractures, team building and importance of communication when we did the cup stacking challenge, components of the skeletal system,  and taking pulse and finding location of pulse sites.

William D Ford Medical Students Teach Students