Wayne-Westland Community Schools Bond Proposal

BOND Meeting date schedule

BOND Bond Advisory Committee Meetings

Join us at a BOND Community Advisory Team Meeting. These meetings take at Dyer Senior Center (36745 Marquette St, Westland, MI 48185) from 6pm-7pm on the following dates:

  • Sept 13
  • September 27
  • October 4
  • October 18
  • November 1

ALL Upcoming Public Events

Sept. 17 7 pm Board of Education Offices

Board of Education Meeting

Sept. 26 9:30 am Wildwood Elementary School Coffee with the Superintendent
Sept. 27 6 pm Dyer Senior Center Bond Advisory Committee Meeting
Sept. 28 6 pm
7 pm
John Glenn High School Homecoming Parade on Marquette & Football Game - $5 admission fee
Oct. 4 6 pm Dyer Senior Center Bond Advisory Committee Meeting
Oct. 5 7 pm Wayne Memorial High School Homecoming Football Game - $5 admission fee
Oct. 9 6 pm David Hicks Elementary Community Forum
Oct. 11 6 pm Stevenson Middle School Community Forum
Oct. 12 7 pm John Glenn High School John Glenn vs Wayne Memorial Varsity Football Game - $5 admission fee
Oct. 18 6pm Dyer Senior Center Bond Advisory Committee Meeting
Oct. 23 6:30 pm John Glenn High School State of the District Address
Nov. 1 6pm Dyer Senior Center Bond Advisory Committee Meeting


Upcoming Bond Meetings

  • 1 Nov
    • BOND Community Advisory Team Meeting
      Nov 1
      6:00 PM to 7:00 PM
      Bond Meetings

      Our Community Advisory team includes:

      • 1 parent from each school
      • 1 staff member from each school
      • 1 union rep from each school

      Meetings will take place at the Dyer Senior Center, 36745 Marquette St, Westland, MI 48185

      We hope to see you there and hear your thoughts! 

  • 6 Nov

The Cost of Educating a Student

Bond Community Meeting Video with our Superintendent, Shelley Holt

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What will the bond do for Elementary, Middle, and High Schools?

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2018 School Bond Proposal Information

2018 Wayne Westland Bond Brochure D2 left-1

2018 Wayne Westland Bond Brochure D2 right-1

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Elementary Schools Bond Overview

WWCS Display Boards - Elementary School center

WWCS Display Boards - Elementary School right

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Middle Schools Bond Overview

WWCS Display Boards - MIddle School center

WWCS Display Boards - Middle School right

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High Schools Bond Overview

High School - John Glenn

WWCS Display Boards - High School center-1

WWCS Display Boards - High School right-1

High School - Wayne Memorial

WWCS Display Boards - High School center-3

WWCS Display Boards - High School right-3

High School - William D. Ford Tech Center

WWCS Display Boards - High School center-5

WWCS Display Boards - High School right-5

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Bond Presentations

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Bond Overview

Bond Proposal Overview

Specific Schools & Facilities Overview

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Register to Vote


External Linkvote.org - 2 minute registration process
External LinkHow to Register to Vote - Secretary of State
External LinkCity of Westland Election information

Follow this link: MI Voter Registration and complete the Voter Registration Application

Return to:
Clerk’s Office
City of Westland
36300 Warren Road
Westland, MI  48185

IMPORTANT:  If you register by mail or e-mail and are a first time Michigan voter, you must vote at your designated Polling location and show your identification on Election Day.  In order to qualify to vote on Election Day, you must be registered at least 30 days prior to an election.

You may also register to vote at any Secretary of State’s Office.

Acceptable Forms of Picture ID:

You will be asked to show photo ID at the precinct when voting or if receiving an absentee ballot in person at City Hall. A voter who 1) does not have acceptable picture ID or 2) did not bring acceptable picture ID to the polls will be allowed to vote after signing an Affidavit of Voter Not in Possession of Picture Identification. Following is a list of acceptable forms of picture ID. All forms must be current, except a Michigan Driver's License or PID.

  • Michigan driver’s license or personal identification card
  • Driver’s license or personal identification card issued by another state
  • Federal or state government-issued picture identification
  • U.S. passport
  • Military identification card with picture
  • Student identification with picture from a high school or an accredited institution of higher education
  • Tribal identification card with picture 

If you have any questions concerning your registration status or any other election-related matter, call the Elections Department in the Clerk’s office at 734-467-3187.


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Absentee voter ballot application

External LinkSecretary of State website

The link above contains links and voter ballot applications

Who is Eligible for an Absent Voter Ballot

A registered voter may obtain an absent voter ballot if they are:

age 60 years old or older
unable to vote without assistance at the polls
expecting to be out of town on election day
in jail awaiting arraignment or trial
unable to attend the polls due to religious reasons
appointed to work as an election inspector in a precinct outside of your precinct of residence.
Check your voter registration at Michigan Voter Information Center www.mi.gov/vote

A person who registers to vote by mail must vote in person in the first election in which he or she participates. The restriction does not apply to overseas voters, voters who are disabled or voters who are 60 years of age or older. 

Requesting an Absent Voter Ballot

Your request for an absent voter ballot must be in writing and can be submitted to your city or township clerk. (For assistance in obtaining the address of your city or township clerk, see https://www.Michigan.gov/vote) Your request must include one of the six statutory reasons stated above and your signature. You must request an absent voter ballot by mailing the application, large print application, a letter, a postcard, or a pre-printed application form obtained from your local clerk's office. Requests to have an absent voter ballot mailed to you must be received by your clerk no later than 2 p.m. the Saturday before the election.

Once your request is received by the local clerk, your signature on the request will be checked against your voter registration record before a ballot is issued. You must be a registered voter to receive an absent voter ballot. Requests for absent voter ballots are processed immediately. Absent voter ballots may be issued to you at your home address or any address outside of your city or township of residence.

After receiving your absent voter ballot, you have until 8 p.m. on election day to complete the ballot and return it to the clerk's office. Your ballot will not be counted unless your signature is on the return envelope and matches your signature on file. If you received assistance voting the ballot, then the signature of the person who helped you must also be on the return envelope. Only you, a family member or person residing in your household, a mail carrier, or election official is authorized to deliver your signed absent voter ballot to your clerk's office.

If an emergency, such as a sudden illness or family death prevents you from reaching the polls on election day, you may request an emergency absent voter ballot. Requests for an emergency ballot must be submitted after the deadline for regular absent voter ballots has passed but before 4 p.m. on election day. The emergency must have occurred at a time which made it impossible for you to apply for a regular absent voter ballot. Please contact your local clerk for more information about emergency absent voter ballots.


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Map of our voting precincts

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Cost of New School Rooftops

New Roof Cost - Average K-12 Building Cost

Average K-12 Roofing Cost

New Roof Cost - Average K-12 Square Footage

Average K-12 Roof Square Footage

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New School Busses

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Enrollment Trends

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Homestead Market Calculator