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Graduation is just the beginning of a student’s education. The College and Career Readiness department offers a diverse portfolio of career pathway education programs to provide real-work experiences and exposure to future career opportunities.

The Michigan Career Development Model (MI CDM) is designed to provide all K-12 students in the Michigan educational system with the necessary knowledge and skills for success in a career of their choice and lifelong learning. Based on the MI CDM, we developed the Wayne-Westland College and Career Readiness guide with the goal to create learning opportunities that support academic rigor, social-emotional learning, career awareness, exploration and preparation.

  • Career Awareness: Grades K-3
  • Career Awareness: Grades 4-6
  • Career Exploration: Grades 7-8
  • Career Preparation: Grades 9-10
  • Career Preparation: Grades 11-12

College and Career Readiness Advisory Chairs 

  • Kristen Brickey - K-5 
  • Matt Furca - K-5 
  • Dave Mason - Middle School 
  • Sue Webb - High School 
  • Amanda Laidlaw - High School 
  • Thespina Agas - High School 
  • Josh Rychlicki - IT 

If you are interested in joining our College and Career Readiness Advisory, please contact April Ostrander at

Counseling Department Links

Counselor Directory

Stacy Brooks
Adams Middle School
Linda Coleman
Adams Middle School
Eileen Horgan
Adams Middle School
Laurie Alexsy
Franklin Middle School
Chanda Eggleston
Franklin Middle School
Joe Craig
John Glenn High School
Yvette Jonna-Moore
John Glenn High School
Jackeline Martin
John Glenn High School
DaShawn Wallace
John Glenn High School
Kelly Wegher
John Glenn High School
Shawn Fick
Stevenson Middle School
Yvette Jonna-Moore
Stevenson Middle School
Kelly Reinink
Stevenson Middle School
Amanda Koch Gregory
Wayne-Westland Community High School
Linda Coleman
Wayne Memorial High School
Shana Hockemeyer
Wayne Memorial High School
Catherine Shecter
Wayne Memorial High School
Lisa Stack
Wayne Memorial High School
Theresa Weaver
Wayne Memorial High School
Tracey Penick
Wayne-Westland Virtual Academy

 Xello is an online program that every student in grades 7-12 are using in school to help them prepare for the future. It offers a variety of activities from middle school to the end of high school. These activities help students build self-knowledge, explore their options, and create achievable plans. They develop the 21st-century skills needed to thrive in the world of work.


It is important for students to take ownership in planning for their future. But the caring adults in their life play an essential supporting role. Use your Xello Family account to see your child’s work in future readiness. Use this opportunity to discuss and support their future goals and plans.  Learn more on the Xello Parents/Guardians page. 


From beginner to expert, use these resources to build your confidence when using Xello.

Looking to learn more about navigating Xello and its features? Check out the Learn section. Ready to launch Xello to your students? Browse Teaching Resources for lesson plans, extension activities, posters, and other in-class aids. Or view our Video Resources for tutorials and feature deep-dives.  Learn more here on the Xello Educator page.

Xello FAQs

Looking for more information, please see the Xello FAQs page. 


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Contact Information

Daryl Beebe
Executive Director of CCR/SEL
Maria Mitter
Supervisor of College & Career Readiness / Social Emotional Learning
Amanda Dybus
Supervisor of Family & Community Engagement
April Ostrander
Eric Jackson
College & Career Readiness Advisor
Cullen Jenkins
College & Career Readiness Advisor