Covid-19 Data & Metrics

The following page has been assembled as an easy reference to see Covid-19 trends within Wayne County as well as the state of Michigan as a whole. Data has been compiled by sources such as, Wayne County Department of Health, Covid Act Now, the Metro Bureau and the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS).   

For the most part, data reflected on this page represent 7 day moving averages in metrics such as New Cases / 100K population, Test Positive Rates and Infection Rates. Data is collected and placed on this page up to two times per week. Summaries are reviewed and updated up to the previous two posts as some data will be updated by our sources retroactively for accuracy. Following 7 and 14 moving averages gives the best indication of trends. 


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WC Community Spread Risk Level. 

Risk Level Key
This is a measure of the risk of community spread based on
COVID-19 case data collected using the Michigan Disease Surveillance System database It is a weighted factor based on the average number of cases per day, normalized to a rate per 1 million population, the 4-week +/- trend rate, and the county's overall average positive rate as calculated by the state of Michigan. If the county positive rate is less than the normalized rate per 1 million population, the positive rate is not factored in. This follows MDHHS guidelines. The data in this analysis represents the 42 non-Detroit communities in Wayne County. This measure is based on a 15-day rolling average to the date noted.

Risk Level DWC Community Spread Level as of 1/19

Wayne, MI :  Risk Level D
Westland, MI : Risk Level D
Source : 
Community Spread Risk Dashboard for School Districts

Metric Targets Wayne County : Achieved 
Metric Targets Michigan : Achieved 
Metric Targets Region 1 : Achieved 


February 25, 2021, Summary

Data Summary Snapshot Ending on Thursday, February 25, 2021

Data below builds in data lag designed for data accuracy.  All data represents 7 day moving averages. 
Note:  Within the Wayne County Communities, both Wayne and Westland are designated at Risk Level D.




Region 1

State of

  Trend Lower or
Flat over 14 + Days


YES- Trend Lower
began 1/8


YES- Trend Lower
to Flat
began 12/25


YES- Trend Lower
began 1/8


New Cases
/100K pop
(7 day moving ave)

7-20 new cases
/100K pop

/100K pop=

7.8 (temp)
/100K pop

/100K pop=

Test Positive

<5% sustained
over 14 + Days
-.-% (Not Yet Reported)

Infection Rate*

  ~1.03   ~0.99

 WC Community Spread Risk Level : Wayne, MI :  Risk Level D   |   Westland, MI : Risk Level D

*State of Michigan : Based on Population of 9.987M
*Infection rate : Rate at which each person in Michigan with COVID is infecting other people. As such, the total number of active cases in Michigan is growing at an unsustainable rate. If this trend continues, the hospital system may become overloaded. Caution is warranted.




Data Specific to Wayne County, MI


Active or imminent outbreak

Michigan is either actively experiencing an outbreak or is at extreme risk. COVID cases are exponentially growing and/or Michigan’s COVID preparedness is significantly below international standards.

Data reflecting the entire state of Michigan


County Dashboard 

The dashboard below shows 7 day moving averages for New Cases per 100K Data as well as Percent Positive Data.  Select from the dropdown box to the right to update the chart by desired county.

Region 1 (Detroit Region) Counties include : Genesee | Lapeer | Livingston | Macomb | Monroe | Oakland | St. Clair | Washtenaw | Wayne