Lunch Menu Test

Elliott, Hamilton, Hicks, Hoover, Roosevelt & Taft

More Information:

Lunch Prices: $2.50 Full Pay or .40 Reduced
Extra Slice of Pizza $1.75 On Pizza Day


Make payments On line for the Food Service program. Go tothe District Website and click On the “parents & students” tab for Information.


Call 734-419-2118

Each Lunch

must include 3 components from the 5 food groups (Protein, Grain, Dairy, Vegetable, Fruit). One of the 3 components must be serving of fruit or vegetable

Offered Daily

Milk-1% White & Flavored Fat Free
Salad Bar- a variety of additional fruit and vegetable choices offered daily

Birthday Celebrations

Please join us for a Birthday Celebration at the end of each month. Everybody who purchases a lunch on the Birthday Celebration day, will receive a FREE full size Rice Krispy Treat!