General Enrollment Questions

How do students enroll in Wayne-Westland Community Schools?

Pre-enrollment must be completed online. The enrollment will be finalized in-person by a parent or legal guardian at the Student Enrollment Department, 36745 Marquette, Westland, MI 48185. For more information, please refer to the How to Enroll my Child page and the What to Bring section on that page.

May I turn-in the enrollment forms at my child's building?

No. Enrollment documents must be completed online and required documents must be turned in at the Student Enrollment Department.

At what age can a student be enrolled?

Beginning with the 2015/2016 school year, your child must be five years old by September 1st of the year of enrollment in order to enroll in WWCS. This age requirement does not apply to disabled students enrolling in the Early Childhood Special Education program.

Changes in Kindergarten Entry Age

What is the age my child must be to enter Kindergarten?

Five years old by 2016 and in subsequent years - five on or before September 1st.

What must I do if I want to enroll my child whose birthdate is before December 1st but after the enrollment date for the year he/she turns 5?

Inform resident district by June 1st.

What if I move after June 1st?

Inform resident district by August 1st.

What if I move after August 1st but before school starts?

Parent may request early enrollment but the district is not required to allow early enrollment.

Residency Questions

According to my address, which school should my child attend?

Please refer to our Find My School form on the district website or call 734-419-2083.

What is required to prove residency?

Refer to the What to Bring Information.

Is WWCS a School of Choice district?

Yes. Please read more about our Intra County Schools of Choice program. School of Choice contact form. 

What do I need to do if I move to a new home within WWCS?

Appropriate "Proof of Residency" (see above) must be submitted to the Student Enrollment Department. Addresses will not be changed until documentation is received.

Birth Certificate Questions

What is a "Certified" copy of a birth certificate?

A "certified" copy has a raised seal and must be obtained through city or county offices.

Do you keep the "Certified" copy of the birth certificate?

No. A copy of the birth certificate will be made for the student's records and the original returned.

Where do I get a "Certified" copy of a birth certificate?

Copies may be obtained through the city and/or county of birth.

Immunization and Health Questions

Immunization and Health Questions

Why is there so much fuss about immunizations?

State law prohibits a school district from enrolling a student who has incomplete immunization information, unless a waiver is signed. (Read more about obtaining a Nonmedical Waiver.) To ensure compliance, state funding may be partially withheld if new students do not have current/complete immunization records on file with the school.

May I fax my child's immunization record?

Yes. Please include the name of the school your child attends and their birth date. The FAX number is 734-595-2100.

Does the county forward immunization records to the school?

No. It is the responsibility of the parent/student to provide immunization documentation.

Can I get my child immunized through the county?

Yes. For more information please visit Wayne County's Website or refer to the Health Center Information for additional options.

Busing Questions

Busing Questions

Will the bus pick-up my child or will they be required to walk?

For specific route information, contact the Transportation Department at 734-419-2150.

Where will the bus pick-up my child?

Bus routes are set shortly before school starts and letters with route information are sent to students/parents. Also the Connections Newsletter is mailed in late August with all of the district’s bus routes.

Time Questions

Time Questions

What time does school start?

Please refer to the individual school websites for full and half day times.

Online Registration Questions

Online Registration Questions

After I complete the online registration, will the Enrollment Office contact me?

No. You will have the opportunity to schedule your final enrollment appointment on-line at the end of the pre-enrollment process. If you do not do so, it is your responsibility to contact the Student Enrollment Department for an appointment. The Enrollment Office will not contact you.

What if I need to reschedule my appointment?

Save your pre-enrollment password. You can sign back in online and reschedule. If you have difficulties, call 734-419-2083 for assistance.

What if I do not have the required documents?

To avoid multiple appointments, please contact the Student Enrollment Department at 734-419-2083.

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