Alternative High

At WWIA, we are one school, with multiple options for students. Our Face to Face option will allow students to take courses in a  traditional format and receive direct instruction for their teachers. This option features a Project Based Learning (PBL) format and small class sizes. 

Our Virtual Learning option will allow students to take their courses in a 100% asynchronous format through our partnership with Graduation Alliance (GA). With this option, students will only have to report to the WWIA Campus for NWEA testing and Standardized Testing. 

Our WAY Program option will allow students to engage in asynchronous lessons that incorporate their core classes and project Based Learning themes. Students will be responsible for reporting to campus a minimum of four hours per week, so that they can work in The WAY Lab, under the guidance of the WAY Program liaison. 

Additionally, students who participate in the Face to Face program and the WAY Program will also have access to taking online courses through Graduation Alliance. 

The WAY Program has a capacity for thirty students. Currently, we have identified eleven students for this program. Therefore, we are asking our staff members to share information regarding The WAY Program with your Face to Face students.