Student Services

Student Services & Career Technical Assessment

Prior to enrolling in a career-technical program, it is advisable that students have the opportunity to review results of standardized tests and other administered instruments that measure their aptitudes, abilities and interests. When combined with a consultation with a counselor knowledgeable of career opportunities, a more appropriate career-technical program selection can be made.

Wayne-Westland students may use results of Michigan Achievement Tests and Michigan Occupational Information System results to review their aptitudes, abilities and interests.


Counselors are available to assist students with career plans, schedule changes and give academic advising. Appointments can be made through the Center office, home high school counseling office, special populations office or the career resources lab.

Job Placement

While the Center does not guarantee a job to those who complete a program, assistance will be provided to those who register for that service. Students should register in the placement office. A job placement file will contain student's skills and attendance records and be made available to prospective employers with student authorization.

Cooperative Education (Co-op)

This “earn-while-you-learn” program is available to in-district high school students enrolled in a career-technical education (CTE) class. Eligible applicants, who obtain part-time paid employment related to their CTE course, can earn ½ school credit per semester. Students can earn up to three credit hours through the co-op program. In addition to earning career skills and money, students earn school credit, and can be eligible for early release or late arrival to school with a 6th hour or 1st hour co-op schedule.

Special Populations Services

Special populations students are provided with additional support as needed. Teacher Assistants are available in many programs. Referrals for resources are provided for economic issues. Special needs students receive some additional support. The Special Populations Consultant is available to provide confidential academic and career support.