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Registration dates and process for Fall students

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When? Monday and Tuesday, August 20th and 21st from 9am-2pm.
Where? Meet us here at Tinkham (3001 Fourth Street, Wayne MI)

Space is limited, so be sure to get here early. Bring the following information with you for quicker service:

  1. ID, birth certificate
  2. Current transcript(s)
  3. 3 pieces of proof of residency.

Read our testimonials!

"Tinkham helped me out when I felt I had nothing else to turn to, I was ready to flunk out of high school, then I got referred to Tinkham, I got there and felt I was actually cared for by the faculty, they did the most they could to help me succeed."

"They help you become the best person you can be."

"Tinkham has helped me get somewhere that I never expected to be, graduating. Every teacher here is nothing but friendly and want the best for you. I can't express how greatfull I am to have attended. "

"I’ve attended Tinkham for nearly 3 years. I’ve gotten more done there than I have online or any other school. I didn’t think I’d ever graduate but with everything Tinkham did for me and the quarters, here I am graduating!"

"Tinkham is a wonderful school and I’d recommend anyone to attend."

"The kindness and willingness to help students and want them to go somewhere in life."

"The staff tries their best with every student."

Points of Pride

Points of Pride

  • 85 graduates for the 2017-18 school year, compared to 46 in 2016-17, 10 in 2015-16, and 6 in 2014-15.
  • 88% of the school population feel supported by staff, compared to 44% in recent years, found through our school perception data survey
  • Over 90% of our student population passes at least one of their classes, compared to 71% of our students in 2015-16
  • We have almost tripled the percentage of students who pass all of their classes from two years ago.
  • 88% of our potential graduates this year graduated on time
  • 3 teachers (almost half of my teachers) on staff have been teaching for over 20 years
  • The newly developed COST (Coordination Of Services Team) program has almost 40 community members on it!
  • Program enrollment has tripled over the past four years and each year we have a waiting list
  • Our e2020 (online) pass rate has increased from 26% three years ago to now 65%

Cost of Educating a Student

senior survey
Please fill out our Senior Graduation Form! We'll use this information to improve the ways we can prepare you for your future plans at college. We would like to hear how we can improve as well. Please share your thoughts!

The Westland Public Library is now offering Homework Help for students grades 1-12. Please attached flyer.





Tinkham Latest News

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Or student is the face of Henry Ford's Innovation Project
Our student Sylvia Maddox is the face of Henry Ford's Innovation Project! Congratulations!
Manufacturing Day

2018-10-05 - Manufacturing Day
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Manufacturing Day

“If this makes a difference in even one students life, this will have been worth doing.” Matt Carr, CEO of Storch Magnetics, put together an amazing tour of his manufacturing plant for students from two schools, Tinkham Educational Center was one of those lucky schools. Kim Millstead along with Vonda Newborn and 25 Tinkham students headed to Storch Magnetics Friday morning.


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Life Remodeled Volunteer Trip

Life Remodeled Tinkham Volunteer Trip
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Eleven students and paraprofessional Vonda Newborn from Tinkham Education Center volunteered with me ( Kimberly Millstead)  at Life Remodeled on Tuesday, October 2nd. Across 6 days, 10,000 people will volunteer around the Durfee Neighborhood in Detroit to remove blight and make safer, cleaner areas for residents and students to walk. We were only 13 of those volunteers but we worked hard and we definitely did our part! Our Tinkham students are amazingly hard workers, it made me so proud to be part of these students lives and honored to be working alongside them. 

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Alternative High School

3001 Fourth Street
Wayne, Michigan 48184
Phone: 734-419-2436
Fax: 734-595-2439
Attendance: 734-419-2436
Student Hours: Full Day - 7:50 am - 2:40 pm
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Adult Education

36105 Marquette
Westland, Michigan 48185
GED Program Phone: 734-419-2425
Fax: 734-595-2439


36105 Marquette
Westland, Michigan 48185
GED Program Phone: 734-419-2425
Fax: 734-595-2439

Mark Cesarz
Tinkham Educational Center

Tinkham Alternative High School

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School Information

Important Update

Tinkham Educational Center has updated its hours to be from 7:50am to 2:40pm

Registration Interest

If you are interested in registering for courses here at the Tinkham Educational Center, fill out the form and someone will be in touch with you.


How many credits do you need to graduate? Students with 18 credits in the Michigan Merit Curriculum (MMC) can graduate.

How often do graduations take places for students? We graduate students every 9 weeks.