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Special Meeting of the Board of Education Monday, April 25, 2022

Special Meeting of the Board of Education
Monday, April 25, 2022
5:30 p.m.
Administration Building
Board of Education Meeting Room
36745 Marquette
Westland, MI 48185

The Board of Education will adjourn to a closed session according to 8(c) [to consult with its attorney regarding the purpose of strategy and negotiation sessions connected with a collective bargaining agreement…] according to the Open Meetings Act.

Regular Board Meetings

The Board meets regularly on Monday evenings at 7:00 p.m. Meetings may also be held on Tuesdays or Thursdays. For information on exact meeting dates, check your local cable channel, call the Board Office at (734) 419-2000 or click on the meeting dates link on the right-hand menu.

Board meetings are open to the public

Citizens are encouraged to attend. The Board has complete control over local school matters within the framework set by the State Legislature and State Board of Education. The Board acts as a legislative body, determining general policies for the care, management and control of the District's public schools. The Superintendent and her administrative staff are responsible for the execution of these policies. Executive (private) sessions may be held to discuss personnel matters, the purchase or sale of property for competitive bidding, disputes involving court action, negotiations with employees, and certain school security matters. However, all formal action by the Board of Education takes place at the public meetings.


Comments and views on subjects related to Wayne-Westland Comminuty Schools are entertained under the Citizens' Questions and Comments portion of every public meeting. If you wish to address the Board, policy limits each person to three minutes of speaking time.


Board of Education Mission Statement

As Wayne-Westland Community School District Board of Education Trustees, we are accountable to uphold our commitment to provide the best education for our students' future. We will accomplish this through fiscal responsibility and by supporting all facets of family and community with the utmost respect, integrity, and transparency.


Recognition Dates

Employee Group Recognition Date
Custodians / Warehouse Oct 1, 2021
Administrators Oct 15, 2021
Transportation Nov 5, 2021
Maintenance / Communications / Technology Jan 21, 2022
Paraprofessional / Teacher Aides / Teacher Assistants Mar 18, 2022
Volunteers Apr 1, 2022
Secretaries/IMC Clerks Apr 22, 2022
Teachers (all members of Teachers Bargaining Unit and Substitues) May 20, 2022
Nurses May 6, 2022
Food Service May 27, 2022

These dates have been selected in conjunction with respective national recognition days.


Board Committees

Finance / Facilities

Tom Buckalew
Kimberly R. May
Mark F. Neal

Policy / Procedures / Strategic Planning

John Albrecht
Melandie Hines
Frederick L Weaver, Th.D.


Regular School Board Elections

The State of Michigan passed School Board election law reform in November 2011, which requires that School Board elections be held during the general elections in November of even-numbered years. This is in line with presidential and governor elections. You may run for the school board trustee position if you are:

  • 18 years of age or older
  • A registered voter
  • A citizen of the USA
  • A resident of the state of Michigan for at least 30 days
  • A resident of the Wayne-Westland Community Schools School District on or before the 30th day prior to the date of the election     

The term of office for a Wayne-Westland Community Schools Board member is six years.

Terms of Current School Board Members:


  • David Cox
    Elected: 11-18-2016 | Expires: 12-31-2022
  • Tom Buckalew
    Elected: 11-18-2016 | Expires: 12-31-2022
  • Frederick Weaver
    Elected: 11-06-2018 | Expires: 12-31-2024
  • Mark Neal
    Elected: 11-06-2018 | Expires: 12-31-2024
  • Kimberly May
    Elected: 11-30-2020 | Expires: 12-31-2026
  • John Albrecht
    Elected: 11-30-2020 | Expires: 12-31-2026
  • Melandie Hines
    Elected: 11-03-2020 | Expires: 12-31-2026

The Wayne County Clerk’s office has designated the City of Wayne or City of Westland as the location for filing a petition or candidate fee for the Wayne-Westland Community Schools Board election. A $100.00 non-refundable fee may be filed in lieu of a petition. Filing packets include the nomination petition and can be picked up at the City Clerk's Office. 

More Information: 

City of Wayne City Clerks' Office 

City of Westland City Clerk's Office



School Board

Profile Photo
David Cox
Board President
Profile Photo
John Albrecht
Board Vice President
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Melandie Hines
Board Secretary
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Kimberly R May
Board Treasurer
Profile Photo
Tom Buckalew
Board Trustee
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Mark Neal
Board Trustee
Profile Photo
Frederick Weaver, Th.D.
Board Trustee
Profile Photo
April Ostrander
Administrative Assistant for the Board of Education