School Supply Lists

School Supply List

Google DocKindergarten (Copsey, Werth, Krafft )
Google Doc1st Grade (DeRose, Valdahl)
Google Doc1st Grade TAG (Krafft)
Google Doc2nd Grade (Domagalski, Gantchar )
Google Doc2nd Grade TAG (Kozaczynski )
Google Doc3rd Grade (Cloke, Rachwitz )
Google Doc3rd Grade TAG (Briese)
Google Doc4th Grade (Bidne, Perkovich Weber)

Mission Statement & Points of Pride

Mission Statement

Walker celebrates doing our personal best, team spirit and learning for all.

Points of Pride

  • TAG program
  • Partnership with WMHS and our fundraiser Dolphin Dash (held at WMHS)
  • NWEA spring growth
  • K-Kids Service Learning
  • Dedicated staff
  • Twitter account #w_wdolphins and #goodnewscalloftheday
  • Watch D.O.G.S
  • Preschool Head Start Program
  • Lifelong Guidelines and Lifeskills
  • Partnership with Wayne State University's yearlong student teaching urban education program

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The Cost of Educating a Student

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Parent Meeting for Accelerated Learning Options

PDF Document12/3/18 TAG Parent Meeting-  Accelerated learning options for middle and high school students

Thank you for your support of our 2018 Bond

PDF DocumentThank you for BELIEVING in Wayne-Westland

Watchdogs Kickoff

WatchDOGS kickoff A2

External LinkSee more images here.
Photos taken by Kevin McKay

Over forty volunteers and their students attended.  Over a third of them were new volunteers!

Your PTO provided pizza and lemonade.  After dinner, the students went down the hall to watch Bill Nye, Science Guy with a couple teachers.

A Watch DOGS introduction video was shown.

Principal Mytych offered an overview of the program and the daily routines.

Coordinator McKay offered some insights from a volunteer perspective, fielded a few questions from new volunteers, explained some new additions to the program including pictures of all Watch DOGS with their Watch Pup, a yearbook page, and the making of Field Day into a Watch DOGS signature event with Watch DOGS running the games so teachers and other parent volunteers can stay with their classes through the whole event.

Our PTO provided Watch DOGS merchandise prizes for a raffle - each Watch DOGS volunteer who signed up for two or more days during the kickoff was entered into the drawing.

Great event!

Lots of interest!

Looking for a great year of Watch DOGS


Walker-Winter Elementary Builds a Town

Walker-Winter builds a town 2018
External LinkView more images here

The students of Room 20 are creating the town of Twentyville. This social studies project has the class plan and design all of the natural and human characteristics in a typical community. Students see their town evolve over time from simple farmland, to neighborhoods, and then eventually community buildings, stores, apartment buildings, and restaurants in the growing urban area. Careful decisions are made as the class decides the positive and negative consequences of a factory in their town and which laws are needed to keep them safe. 

This is a highly engaging project for us. The creativity and problem-solving is evident with each new element added to our town. 

You can follow our town's progress on Twitter #20ville2018

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