May 29, 2024

GEM Award Winner - Tami Wilber

Tami Wilber, Paraprofessional at Stevenson

Tami's Statement: "Reason why I enjoy working for Wayne-Westland Schools is I like motivating and helping students. Giving them encouragement to try and explore new things. The laughter and fun we have while they are learning. The best thing is when the students say THANK YOU for helping me. I myself went to school here and so did my son."

Anne Phillips's Statement:  “Tami Wilber is exceptional at her work. It is clear that her number one concern is student success and comfortability. She has formed incredible bonds with the students in her classroom, and she and the classroom teacher work together to create a wonderful learning environment for the students at Stevenson Middle School. She goes above and beyond to create a place that her students are excited to come to, and she does so with incredible success. We are lucky to have Tami as part of our team at Stevenson!”