January 20, 2023

December GEM Award Winner - Skyla Thompson


Roosevelt December Winner - Skyla Thompson, 4th Grade Teacher

Skyla’s statement:

"I enjoy working for Wayne-Westland for so many reasons.  One thing I love about our district is the proactive thinking the district embodies. I love working in a place that identifies opportunities for growth and acts on them well before they become problems.  Wayne-Westland doesn't wait to follow suit, instead they are trend setters. I also love the sense of community we build here. Our district embodies growth, acceptance and achievement. I love that I and my family live and work in this community."


Mark Watson/Principal statement:

“Skyla Thompson, and her daughter, are superheros! Their actions to support a child who was hit by a car was amazing and an inspiration for all of us.   We are all saddened that a child was hit by a car, but we are all so very thankful for Mrs. Thompson and her daughter's actions as they jumped into action and were heroes. As a teacher, Mrs. Thompson supports her kids each day as well as all kids in our school. Her ability to affect so many lives each day, as well as, leaping into action for a child who was hurt highlights why Mrs. Thomspos is a true GEM.  We appreciate you Mrs. Thompson and thank you for everything you do to go above and beyond to help kids.”