November 28, 2023

October GEM Award Winner - Rebecca Keeling


Rebecca Keeling, Instructional Technology - Rose Kennedy

Rebecca's Statement: "I enjoy working in Wayne-Westland because of the teams I have been part of. I started in WWCSD as a student teacher and then as a building sub before moving into this position. I appreciate both the behind the scenes aspects of the job as well as collaborating with staff to explore new opportunities with technology in the classroom."

JaCinda Sumara, Executive Director of Technology and Innovation Statement: 

“Rebecca exemplifies dedication and innovation in supporting education.   She is enthusiastic and regularly goes above and beyond to ensure seamless integration of technology in classrooms, programs such as the STEM Center and Wayne-Westland Early College, and Central Office projects.   

Rebecca fosters collaboration among educators, provides tailored training sessions, and stays abreast of cutting-edge tools. She empowers teachers to effectively leverage technology for enhanced learning experiences. Her commitment to the STEM center is evident by the strategies she designed and developed that enabled the project to move to the implementation stage.  Her proactive engagement with the early middle college program ensured that students were able to seamlessly apply for the many new opportunities offered. Additionally, her attention to detail and persistence provides a solid foundation upon which several Central Office projects, such as HR's "Tip and Tricks" and CIA's HMH, stand.

The WWCSD community benefits from Rebecca's knowledge.  She is essential in ensuring that we prepare students for a future marked by digital proficiency.”