November 28, 2023

October GEM Award Winner - Matthew Rosochacki


Matthew Rosochacki, 6th Grade Teacher - Franklin

Matthew's Statement:  “I love working in this community because it is rewarding to see students that are passionate, which allows me to be the best that I can be for them in the classroom.”

Deena Pringle, Principal Statement:  “It is with excitement that I take a moment to acknowledge the contributions of Mr. Rosochacki as a dedicated and passionate 6th grade teacher.  He is a role model to our students and exhibits a genuine care for our students.  He continues to make a positive impact on our students by providing an engaging and enjoyable learning environment.  His ability to connect with students fosters trust and belonging. He greets every student in the morning and works to meet the diverse needs of his students and makes sure they receive the attention and encouragement they need. Beyond the classroom he contributes positively to the school.  His positive influence extends to his colleagues, fostering a collaborative and supportive environment across grade levels and teams.”