May 29, 2024

GEM Award Winner - Torrey McLeay

Torrey McLeay, Resource Room at Hamilton

Torrey's Statement: "I enjoy working in Wayne Westland for so many reasons, one being the connections I’ve made with my students and their families, which have proved to be mutually cherished. This district has been my home away from home for the last 6 years and I know I can lean on my Hamilton family when I need them. What I’ve been able to bring to the district does not go unnoticed and I appreciate that so much. Everyone I’ve met in some capacity in this district gives their absolute best to our community and I don’t know that I’d find that elsewhere."

Kelley Michels' Statement:  “Torrey consistently goes above and beyond to support our students, especially our Special Education. Torrey is always looking for ways to provide individual support for students to accomplish their personal best. Torrey regularly takes on new responsibilities to make Hamilton a better place to work and learn! We are so lucky to have Torrey on our team!”