Soaring Stripes 3v3 Basketball Tournament

Soaring Stripes 3 v 3 Basketball Tournament

Date Saturday May 11

Location John Glenn High School

Cost $24 per player or $35 after April 1

Tournament Details

  • Coed teams
  • 4 players per team
  • Half-court game format
  • 3 game minimum
  • Note:All teams must have an adult supervisor (18+)
    • All teams of four must have an adult over the age of 18 supervise the team. This adult will chaperone the team from check-in to their game, sit on the bench with them during the game, and either supervise the team between games or escort them back to their families. Students are NOT to be left unattended and MUST have an adult with them at all times.  
  • Must be enrolled in Wayne-Westland Community Schools

Register - Player or TeamPayment & Registration

PAY & REGISTER TODAY! Unpaid registrations will be voided.
Pay and Register by May 11, 2024

Attendance Payment

General Admission is $4 per person.

Concussion Protocols

It is the purpose of Wayne-Westland Community Schools to promote amateur sports and we wish for our members/participants who participate to do so in a manner that provides reasonable safety for their well-being. 

Athletic activities involve risks and dangers of injury and accidents may occur sometimes without fault. Available medical assistance may vary from venue to venue. 

Wayne-Westland Community Schools recognizes that the potential for harm from concussions is a serious matter. While some accidents and even concussions may occur, the basis for the Concussion Policy is based upon trying to limit the potential harm, which could result from continued participation after such an injury. 

Where there is reasonable cause to believe that a concussion may have occurred, such participant shall not be allowed to continue his/her participation in the tournament.   

Wayne-Westland Community Schools recommends all of its coaches and other non-athlete members working with youth athletes avail themselves of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention HEADS UP to Youth Sports program. Coaches and other individuals can take a free online course that will provide important information regarding the recommendations and decision-making in handling situations involving concussion injuries. This course will only take approximately 30 minutes of your day. 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also has handouts to download for athletes and their parents.  For more information, please  visit:

Tournament Rules


  • All teams will pay a minimum of 3 games.
  • Games will be played on a half-court.
  • There are no time-outs.
  • Games are a minimum of (6) minutes long. (Running clock. No time outs unless for injury)
  • Possession alternates after each basket. 
  • All dead balls and possession changes after a made basket will be taken out of bounds at the top of the "in-bounds" line. Ball must be taken out above the in-bounds line or it is considered an “invalid inbounding of the ball.” 

Starting the game:  Winner of a coin flip will have possession of the ball first.

Substitutions: Substitutions may be made at any dead ball and after any made basket. Players must enter and exit the game from from the player bench when the ref signals for them.  

Fouls:  No shooting fouls.  Ball out of bounds to opposite team.

Technical Fouls: UNSPORTSMANLIKE CONDUCT OR TAUNTING WILL NOT BE TOLERATED BY ATHLETES, COACHES AND SPECTATORS OF ATHLETES.  It is the discretion of the referee to assess technical fouls (two points and ball to same team) for taunting, flagrant fouls or any form of unsportsmanlike conduct (e.g., excessive fouling, intentional delay of game). Any player, coach or parent/guardian of a spectator receiving two technical fouls in a game is suspended for a minimum one game and may be suspended for the remainder of the tournament. 

Winning the Game:  Games tied at the end of regulation will go into sudden death overtime.  Team with possession at end of regulation will assume possession of the ball first.  First team to score wins.  


All proceeds benefit Elementary Activities

Registration is Now OPEN

Note: The registration fee $25. Registration must be complete by May 11th. This is to pay for the registration cost of a single student, if you want to pay for the registration for a whole team please select the other item.


Full Event Flyer

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Sponsorship Opportunities

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For more information please contact:

Dr. Adrienne Nathan
(734) 419-2095

Maria Mitter
(734) 419-2084