Technology and Innovation

WWCS Technology and Innovation Mission

Wayne-Westland Community Schools will integrate technology throughout the District to prepare students to meet the high expectations for learning that translate into success in today’s connected community. The utilization of current technologies provides students in all our schools with enhanced learning tools and the skills needed to use them effectively. Technology-rich environments and professional learning for teachers and administrators, focusing on using technology to help differentiate learning, results in equal opportunities for all students. Technologies provide the vehicle to continually improve and enhance the teaching/learning process contributing to an increase in student achievement. The infusion of technology into District operations will increase efficiency resulting in higher-level solutions and services for students, parents, employees and the community at large. Online services allow increased communication unlimited by the constraints of time and location.

Goals and strategies for technology use

  • Prepare learners to succeed by using technology to provide equal learning opportunities for all students and to support student achievement.
  • Provide the technology to continually update and enhance the teaching/learning process.
  • Support efficient and effective communication within the District, with parents, and with the community.
  • Use technological tools to enhance productivity and the efficient use of District resources.
  • Provide the support necessary to ensure the effective use of technology.



Contact Information

JaCinda Sumara
Executive Director of Technology and Innovation
Seth Wenzel
Director of Technology
Jameson DeVol
Director of IT Operations and Infrastructure
Cathy Stone
Technology Secretary
Rebecca Keeling
Instructional Technology Specialist
Jeff Hotke
Network Technician
Joe Karel
Network Technician
Patrick Moffitt
Network Technician
Leo Veloz
Network Technician
Kris Barrett
Equipment Repair Leader
Taberious Horton
Network Engineer
Jonathan Silver
Network Engineer
Jay Thornton
Network Engineer Leader