January 23, 2023


Full week ahead - it has been a long time, since we have had a full week of school.

Full steam ahead - it's go time again.... I hope that the 2nd Semester is off to a great start for you. You got this! We got you!

NWEA Day is this Tuesday and will run from 7:10-10:18am. All 9-11th Graders will test in the am. All 12th Graders will be in the cafeteria. Everyone should have their district issued device charged up and ready to use on this day. *Please report to the classrooms listed on this document. Your teachers will guide you on the schedule for the day. Most important for you is to be in school, and give your best effort!

External LinkNEWSLETTER: WMHS Student Weekly Information - January 23, 2023