Wayne Memorial Resources

WMHS Tardy Policy

  • Tardy to start the day (after the 7:10am start)
    In support of our college and/or career readiness efforts in developing our scholars' time management skill set: Parents/Guardians - when you drop your scholar at WMHS, please walk them inside the door to the main office (you can park right in front of the door). The secretaries will assist in excusing the tardy, if it was outside of the control of the scholar.  
  • Tardiness to class
    Teachers will close and lock their door when the tardy bell rings.  

    WMHS Hall Monitors or SSI's will issue Tardy Passes to students in the halls after the tardy bell.  

    Students will report to class with a pass; teachers will take the Tardy Passes and record students' tardiness in MiStar.

    Tardies are cumulative
  • Tardies 1-3: Verbal Warning (Staff communicate home on #3)
  • Tardy 4: Lunch Detention (If students do not serve the lunch detention, they will be issued an in-school suspension for the next school day. If they disrupt the in-school suspension room, parents will be called to come pick up their scholar for the day.)
  • Tardy 5: Verbal Warning (Staff communicate home on #5)
  • Tardy 6: In-school Suspension (Full day)
  • Tardy 7: Verbal Warning (Staff communicate home on #7)
  • Tardy 8: Out of school Suspension (1 day, progressive discipline) 

*The objective in running our WMHS Tardy Policy is to have scholars get to class on time, so that teachers can teach and lead instruction from bell to bell. This is very important every hour.