January 23, 2023

Good Afternoon Franklin Families

The second semester has started. This past week, staff and students reviewed the school wide expectations in their classrooms. At the end of the week, students participated in a Kahoot quiz as a review. We are excited that our student broadcast announcements have started. Classes will listen to daily announcements hosted by the WFMS broadcasting students. In an effort to continue to promote a positive climate and culture we will continue with our monthly incentives. This is one way to highlight students that are meeting expectations and doing the right thing. Our PBIS committees are meeting this week and they will announce the January and February incentives with an emphasis on attendance. We have seen an increase in student tardies between classes. It is important that students are present in school but also present in class on time. Failure to meet attendance expectations may result in administrative intervention resulting in a parent meeting to discuss concerns. The girls basketball season and wrestling has started. Please visit our school website to see the game times and dates on our school calendar.

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