June 3, 2024

Dear Wayne-Westland Community Schools Students, Families, and Staff,

Weekly Letter to Students, Parents and Staff

Congratulations to all graduates from the Class of 2024! As you embark on your next educational journey, remember that each day presents an opportunity to make choices. Choose honesty, happiness, and strive to be the best version of yourself. Your actions can inspire those around you to also be their best selves. 

Families, your unwavering support and dedication have played a crucial role in shaping these graduates into remarkable individuals. It takes a village to raise a child; your love, encouragement, and sacrifices have made a lasting impact. 

Educators, you are the unsung heroes who ignite the flames of curiosity and knowledge in young minds. Your passion for teaching and commitment to fostering lifelong learning have left an indelible mark on these graduates. As these graduates embark on new adventures, may they carry the wisdom imparted by their teachers and the love bestowed upon them by their parents and guardians.

With only a few days of school left and the hot sun in full force, everyone has summer fever. End-of-the-year celebrations and events have made for a festive time. We have been saying goodbye to a full and memorable year while saying hello to what’s to come next. We are grateful for an incredible year.

This week is our last week of school. Our high school students have half days on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, while our elementary and middle school students have half days on Thursday and Friday. Students will take their exams on half-days at the high school level. Buildings have sent their exam schedules in their newsletters. It will be challenging not to start summer early, but I hope all scholars will take time to study for their exams.

High School Exam Schedule:

  • Wednesday, June 5, 2024

    • 1st and 2nd hour exams

  • Thursday, June 6, 2024

    • 3rd and 4th hour exams

  • Friday, June 7, 2024

    • 5th and 6th hour exams

Thank you for your continued support this year. Good luck on exams. 


John Dignan, Ed.D.