I-Save Program

About I-Save

I-Save is a voluntary program developed by Wayne-Westland Community Schools as an internal energy conservation program and an alternative to performance contracting or outside energy consultants. The goal of the program is to change the habits of all building occupants to reduce utility consumption in an effort to conserve our natural resources, lessen our impact on the planet, and save money.

The program was developed by pulling successful portions from various programs including those from popular energy consultants utilized in surrounding districts, in­house programs from other states, and recommendations from the federal government.

The program will include all of the key items listed below.

  • Presentations for building staff detailing the program and good energy use habits to adopt

  • A start-up package or incentive for buildings participating in the program

  • Energy conservation posters or fliers containing information on how to reduce consumption

  • An energy consumption goal for each building.

  • An online method for buildings to track their utility consumption and compare to previous years

  • Building efficiency audit worksheets-for use by the building and the energy manager Monthly reviews of each building's energy use habits by the energy manger, with copies going to the building principal

  • A monetary (or goods) incentive for buildings meeting their goal. Competitions (with rewards) to encourage program participation and habit change Press releases

  • Board of Education (or sub-committee) presentation on the details of the program and it's progress.

I-Save: Individuals Save And Vie for Efficiency