Facility Request

Request for Facility Use

Please call 734-419-2048 with any questions you may have, as well as to obtain the current rates.

An online request system called "my school building" replaced the paper request forms for using all Wayne-Westland Community Schools facilities. This helps to cut down on paper consumption and provides for a greener facilities request system.

This system allows requesters to check for booked events and creates one request system for the use of all district facilities. If you are interested in using a Wayne-Westland Community Schools facility, just follow the steps below.

  1. Select "Instructions for Requesting a Facility" link on the "Links" menu on the right-hand side, then print out the instructions, and keep them for future use.
  2. Select "Facility Use Agreement" link on the "Links" menu on the right-hand side, print out the agreement, then enter the appropriate information at the end (the ID number from your online request, your signature, etc.) and fax the completed agreement, with your insurance, to the business office.
  3. Follow the "Instructions for Requesting a Facility" to request your event online at http://www.myschoolbuilding.com
  4. All requesters will receive an e-mail notifying them when their schedule has been approved and then activated. If applicable, an invoice will follow from the business office via U.S. mail, unless other arrangements have been made, such as fax or email.

PDF DocumentInstructions for Requesting a Facility