September 26, 2022

Good Evening. Please see the email below that went out to all of the WMHS Students this evening.

Few important points: 

1.) No school for students on Wednesday, 9/28. This is a W-W Staff Professional Development Day.

2.) Thursday (9/29) evening WMHS is hosting a Senior Night, 'Fund Your Future' informational meeting for our senior students and parent/guardians. This will take place at 6pm in the WMHS Lecture Hall (2nd Floor in WMHS). 

3.) Please make sure that you have completed and submitted the Household Information (I sent this out last week). This is very important for our funding. 

Have a great week!    


Zebra Nation, 

  I hope that you had a great weekend.    The last full week of September is upon us. This is now week 5. At this time we should be fully in routines for ---

  1. Getting to class on time: we will be disciplining students based on our Tardy Policy. Choices have consequences. Make good choices. Get to class on time. 
  2. Stay in class: nothing good is happening in the halls, or in the bathrooms while class is in session. Get to class and stay in class. That is where the magic is happening. Unless you have an emergency, you should be in class.
  3. Not wearing a hoodie on your head in the building: this is for the safety of the building - both staff and students. We need to be able to see who is in the building at all times. Again, this is for the safety of WMHS. Failure to comply will result in discipline. Make good choices. Keep the hoodie off of  your head in the building. 
  4. Throw your trash away: in the cafeteria and in the halls. Find the nearest garbage can and throw your trash away. Let's keep WMHS clean and neat. Take pride in that.
  5. Homecoming and Suspensions: Homecoming is coming. It is a great week filled with pride, spirit, and lots of fun. Please know that if you are suspended this week you will not be allowed to participate in the Homecoming Assembly or Dance. Choices have consequences. Make good choices. 
  6. Staying on top of your academics: the 1st Quarter is moving right along now. Students should be completing and submitting their work on time. 

  ~~YouGotThis  ~~WeGotYou  ~~StrongerTogether        Weekly Thought:   "The only thing that stands between a person and what they want from life is often the will to try it and the faith to believe it's possible". ~~R.D.      #HaveFaith  #WaynePride      

Important Information ---

*No School for Students on Wednesday, 9/28 

*Senior Parent Night, 'Fund Your Future' Info Session, 6pm, WMHS Lecture Hall, on Thursday, 9/29


The Week Ahead:

  • Monday (Motivated Mon) : *Normal, Full Day
  • Tuesday (Choose Day ... be Dynamic) : *Normal, Full Day
  • Wednesday (Wellness Wed ... self care! Hump Day) :  **No school for students / *W-W Staff Professional Development Day
  • Thursday (Thoughtful Thurs ... take care of a classmate! ... Lil' Friday) : *Normal, Full Day / *Senior Parent Night, Fund Your Future Info Session, 6pm, WMHS Lecture Hall
  • Friday (HAPPY FRI-YAY!) : *Normal, Full Day


Wayne Pride!

Have a great week. 

Thank you

Cory J. Gildersleeve