September 18, 2022

Good evening. I hope that you had an amazing weekend.

Please see the email below that went out to all of the WMHS Students this evening. --- We are now starting week 4 of school. We need all of our scholars to attend school everyday, get to class on time, and stay on top of their studies. This is very important as we are moving along in our 1st Quarter of the school year.

Reminder: we have the Mobile Dentist coming to WMHS this week (Tuesday and Wednesday). Please turn in the paperwork (attached) to our main office if you would like your scholar to see the Mobile Dentist.

Have a great week!



Zebra Nation,

This is week 4 of the '22-23 school year. You should be settled in, and in a routine. Make sure that you are coming to school every day, getting to class on time, and staying on top of your academics. Make good choices!! You got this!! We got you!! #StrongerTogether Weekly Thoughts: "It's our attitude in life that determines life's attitude towards us". ~~E Nightingale "A positive attitude is a powerful force". ~~Tquote #PositiveAttitude #ZebraSTRONG


Important Information ---

  • *Mobile Dentist will be here on Tues and Wed this week
  • *This week is 'Suicide Prevention Awareness Week'. The WMHS Staff will be supporting this throughout the week


The Week Ahead:

  • Monday (Motivated Mon) : *Normal, Full Day
  • Tuesday (Choose Day ... be Dynamic) : **Mobile Dentist at WMHS / *Normal, Full Day
  • Wednesday (Wellness Wed ... self care! Hump Day) : **Mobile Dentist at WMHS / *Normal, Full Day
  • Thursday (Thoughtful Thurs ... take care of a classmate! ... Lil' Friday) : *Normal, Full Day
  • Friday (HAPPY FRI-YAY!) : *Normal, Full Day


Wayne Pride!!

Have a great week.


Thank you

Cory J. Gildersleeve