November 2, 2023

Board of Education Seeking Candidates to fill Board Vacancy

Wayne-Westland Community Schools Board of Education

Wayne-Westland Community Schools is seeking applications for the current vacant position on the board of education.  An individual will be appointed to fill the vacant position through November 5, 2024. 

Interested persons must submit a letter via email expressing interest in the board position and their qualifications to no later than 4 p.m. on Friday, November 10,  2023. 

After reviewing the submitted materials, the board will schedule interviews with selected candidates on November 17, 2023. Not all candidates for the board vacancy will be interviewed. If you have any questions concerning the role and the responsibilities of a board member, please contact April Ostrander, secretary to the board of education, at

Timeline of board vacancy appointment

  • 11/2/23 Notification - Posting of board vacancy on the district website
  • 11/10/23 Review - Deadline for interested candidates to apply via email
  • 11/17/23 Interview and Select - Special meeting to interview candidates and appoint the new board member
  • 11/20/23 Swearing in of new board member