December 1, 2023

Dear Wayne-Westland School Community:

Weekly Letter to Students, Parents & Staff

As we continue our journey to provide an outstanding education to the children in our community, our commitment to transparency remains steadfast. I want to update you on the district’s current plan regarding the budget discrepancies.

After a comprehensive review of our student enrollment, revenue cycle, and expenses, there will be a staff reduction of 39 of the district’s 1,661 full and part-time positions at the end of the first semester in January. This reduction will include non-instructional through administrative roles. Where possible, some staff salaries will be reclassified to appropriate grant funding, ensuring our commitment to academic excellence remains unwavering.

We have identified areas where change can occur without impacting the essential educational services provided to our students and families. As a result, Wayne-Westland Community Schools notified individuals of layoffs and restructuring in this effort to begin to right-size the district.

We are committed to keeping you informed throughout this process. Open communication is vital to our shared success, and we value your partnership as we work together to provide an outstanding education for all students in the Wayne-Westland Community Schools.

Thank you for your continued support as we navigate these critical decisions for the betterment of our school district. Together, we are creating a learning environment that helps students succeed and thrive socially, academically, athletically and in the arts


John Dignan, Ed.D.