May 3, 2024

Dear Wayne-Westland Community Schools Students, Staff and Families,

Weekly Letter to Students Parents and Staff

Students and staff face unique challenges in today's fast-paced, technology-driven world, which can significantly impact mental health. This year, our district has brought significant attention to mental health and the importance of self-care. From our opening session with teachers on day one, we have focused on seeking resources as we navigate a challenging environment.

In our pursuit of serving others within the educational ecosystem, we often overlook our own well-being. As we observe Mental Health Awareness Month, let us recognize that our mental health matters, too. Wayne-Westland Community Schools is committed to fostering a safe and positive environment for our students, staff, and families. Here are some of the mental health resources and initiatives we offer:

  • Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Curriculum: We have developed a comprehensive SEL curriculum to address the emotional needs of our students. Through SEL, we empower them with essential life skills, emotional intelligence, and coping mechanisms.

  • Mental Health Professionals: Our dedicated social workers, psychologists, and counselors actively monitor and support students’ mental well-being. They provide guidance, counseling, and intervention when needed.

  • School-Based Health Clinic: Our two on-site school-based health clinics through Corewell Health offer mental health counseling services to students. These clinics are a safe space where they can seek professional help and guidance.

  • QPR Suicide Prevention Training: Our staff are trained in QPR (Question, Persuade, Refer) suicide prevention methods and take proactive steps to identify and assist students who may be at risk.

  • TRAILS: Our collaborative effort with TRAILS combines clinical mental health expertise and technology. TRAILS aims to enhance mental health support for our community

  • Suicide Prevention Lifeline (988): The 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline is available 24/7 via a toll-free hotline. If you or anyone you know is in crisis or emotional distress, don’t hesitate to call 9-8-8

  • Families Against Narcotics (FAN): FAN is a community-based organization that supports recovery, educates the community, and fights addiction. If you’re affected by addiction, FAN can provide valuable resources

  • Family Resource Center: Our Family Resource Center provides free services to any Wayne-Westland family needing support. They provide essential needs assistance, access to over 700 local resources (including mental health), a laundry assistance program, and material items for those unable to afford them (emergency toiletries, socks/underwear, hats/gloves/scarves, etc.) They can also supply school supplies and backpacks year-round for any WWCS student. Need help? Contact our Family Resource Center at 734-419-2709,, or complete the Digital Request for Services Form

  • Care Solace: Wayne-Westland Community Schools has partnered with Care Solace, which offers free services to all district students, staff, and families. This national organization navigates the mental health care system to find available providers matched to specific needs. They will quickly and confidentially find providers matched to your needs. 

    • Call 1-888-515-0595 (available 24/7/365) 

    • Using this website, you can search on your own OR click “Book Appointment” for assistance by video chat, email, or phone.

  • Resources: You can find many of these resources on our district website

Acknowledging our emotional struggles is crucial to maintaining our well-being, especially during challenging times. The phrase “It is OK not to be OK” encapsulates this understanding, emphasizing that vulnerability and seeking help are essential for our mental health. Remember that seeking help is a sign of strength, allowing us to stay focused on our future despite our challenges. Taking care of ourselves allows us to serve others better. Let’s continue fostering a healthy community by prioritizing mental health and well-being. Mental health affects us all. Break the stigma, seek help when needed, and prioritize well-being. 

Please join us in bringing awareness to Mental Health Awareness Month by wearing green on May 7, 2024. Our school community is choosing to wear green to help break down barriers and stigma associated with mental health and foster a more inclusive and compassionate society. Together, we create a stronger and more resilient community. 


John Dignan, Ed.D.