About Us

Letter from the Principal

As you look ahead to beyond high school, it’s time to make some big decisions about your future career path.  Regardless of the road you choose to follow, William D. Ford Career-Technical Center can help get you started on the journey to your dream.

At William D. Ford Career-Technical Center, learning is purpose driven and focused on supporting you in the early stages of career preparation. Our courses provide technical training and work based learning opportunities that will set you up for excellence in the real world – whether your next step be college, apprenticeship, military, or direct to the workforce.

Learning here is amazing.  You will have the opportunity to connect and begin to build your professional network.  All of our teachers are industry experts.  You’ll be surrounded by students that have similar interests and goals.  All classes provide several opportunities to meet, converse with, and shadow workplace professionals.

We offer high school and college credit, industry certifications and credentials, paid internships, scholarships, and more.  You can use your career-tech experience to earn an above average wage upon high school graduation. 

Our block schedule makes it easy to fit FordCTC into your schedule.  And, because we partner with your high school, all of our programs are offered at no cost to families.

Take advantage of our exciting courses and get ready to elevate your education.  I look forward to seeing you on campus.

With students in mind,

Stephanie Bigelow, Principal, William D. Ford Career-Technical Center


All About William D. Ford Career Technical Center

William D. Ford Career-Technical Center provides career technical education to high school students living in western Wayne County.  Our students spend part of their day studying at their home high school and part of their day engaged in their selected career program.

William D. Ford Career-Technical Center prepares students for careers, not just jobs. Our courses are taught by industry experts. Our classrooms provide opportunities to learn on the same technologies used in industry.  Our talent pipeline partnerships provide opportunities for students to complete internships, clinicals, and job shadows.  

William D. Ford Career-Technical Center provides career exploration and hands-on learning experiences. We provide students with opportunities to demonstrate their developing skills in student leadership organizations and industry competitions.  We provide students with opportunities to document their knowledge and abilities by earning industry credentials, college credits, and building professional portfolios.

William D. Ford Career-Technical Center prepares students for their futures.